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I have studied clarinet in South Africa, Holland, Switzerland, and England and have taught privately in all of these countries. After many years of experience teaching clarinet and ensembles in schools and music centres in London, I currently teach clarinet at the Hall School, Camden School for Girls and the Camden Saturday Music Centre. Dedicated to music both as a player and as a teacher, I have gained a lot of insight into working with children of all ages and different cultures. I consider myself to be a friendly, considerate and intuitive teacher and with this am able to identify and understand the musical/technical obstacles a child might have, and find ways of helping children of different potentials find their own personal connection to musical expression.

As an expressive player I try share my experience of music with my students and hope to instil in my students a sense of the joy that I myself experience in music making.

I teach privately in Finchley, North London. Please contact me should you wish to have any information regarding clarinet lessons for beginners or advanced students.

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